In 2015, Power-Tronics, Inc. began offering a new program for our customers that is designed to improve understanding of our products, increase awareness of available applications, and provide troubleshooting and training for voltage regulating systems on a wide variety of electrical generators.

Few generator servicemen today are able to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot or repair a generator on the spot or under pressure from the customer or time constraints. We feel that if technicians are well versed in repair and troubleshooting techniques as well as possessing a large amount of knowledge of our products they will be able to better communicate with us at a technical level and will also be able to communicate more clearly with the customer. All of this means more profit for your company, a better reputation for your service staff, and a simpler supply solution with a minimum of stocked items in your inventory.

Since Fall 2017, we have offered an expanded school, designed to offer more content, a more leisurely pace, and improved group exercises to help reinforce the skills and information taught in the coursework.

To better serve the needs of the technicians attending our school, the course is now covered over two days to allow sufficient time for questions. When planning travel arrangements, please plan for two full days of class time.

Factory Certified Technician Candidate Requirements

  • Must have a minimum of 5 years of “Hands-On” experience working on generators, have a basic understanding of electrical theory, and understand how to read an electrical schematic.

  • Must attend a factory product and troubleshooting school once every 5 years for renewal of certification.

  • Must pass a written exam at the end of the Factory Certified Technical course.

  • Certification is issued only to the person attending and completing the product and troubleshooting school.

  • Companies that employ factory certified technicians are eligible for special additional discounts on our products.

  • Certified technicians are given priority for troubleshooting and engineering assistance from Power-Tronics.

Benefits for Factory Certified Technicians

  • Fixed discount on all purchased products during certification period

  • Referral of customers in the technician’s service area

  • Listing of employing company, contact info, and service area on Power-Tronics’ website

  • Priority technical and application assistance

  • Updates on new products or product revisions

  • Technical service newsletter containing tips, tricks, or case-studies

  • Private website dedicated only to certified service shops

  • Minimize stock kept on service trucks and on shelves in the office by having a streamlined supply with a minimum of required service parts

Goals of the Program

  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction by training technicians to understand how to size and properly fit our products to their applications

  • Improve technicians’ understanding and troubleshooting ability of electrical generators and voltage regulation systems thereby reducing downtime and improving the accuracy of the troubleshooting process

  • Direct consumers and end-users to service companies and electric motor shops for application assistance and product installation

  • Reduce returns and repairs from misapplication or installation mistakes

  • Increase name recognition of both Power-Tronics and the company employing Factory Certified Service Technicians

  • Increase sales and brand awareness by offering a blanket discount to participating companies

  • Encourage repeat business through referrals of non-professional and end-user customers to certified technicians

  • Reduce assistance calls from non-professionals and end-users by offering a network of trained service personnel to refer them to for equipment service and assistance

  • Build a positive reputation for both Power-Tronics and the companies participating in the Factory Certified Service Technician program

Course Syllabus

Please use the button below to view or download a course syllabus for the Power-Tronics, Inc. Factory Certified Technician School.